Hey, it's me Teigan!

not just your average mom, im a cool mom

I've always wanted to say that, and look there I did. If mom jokes were a thing, that would be me. Sure to make you laugh but in all reality i'm not the "funny friend". I've always been a go getter, I mean I am a capricorn, so that explains alot. I really started to take photographs back in 2014 when my daughter was born so I could remember every single milestone other than from my camera roll. I loved that there was so much to learn and taught myself to where I am today. Something I'm very proud of!

Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

My kiddos are all on the verge of moving out. Well, not quite yet but darn it feels like it some days. I've always been an avid picture taker, I feel like its been in me since I was just little. But I wish that I had gotten in front of the camera too, so that all of those memories weren't just of them, but with me and them together. That is a vow I have made to myself and them, to be more present and do all of the things they want me to do.